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I have been reviewed many times on your local Canadian boards. All of my testimonials can be found online at www.perb.cc and www.cafreviews.com
 Here is a few things my friends have said about me:

Dj416416 - Perb member (May 2019)

Visited Vancouver a few weeks ago and had 2 amazing dates with Vanessa. 1 in Vancouver and another in Surrey. Vanessa is such a gorgeous young lady. The pictures on her website don’t do her justice. She is way more beautiful and sexier in person! Gorgeous face, great personality, sexy big ass, and of course, amazing, large titties. If you love curvy women as much as I do, Vanessa is your girl! 

Vanessa provides an incredibly memorable and sensual experience. She really cares about her lovers and is very accommodating. Both of her incall locations in Vancouver and Surrey are safe, modern and upscale. 

Overall, Vanessa is definitely one of the top ladies I’ve been with in the industry! Vancouver gents, you are very lucky to have her around! I can’t wait for my next trip to Vancouver so I can see her again!

Duallyman - Caf member (October 2018)
"This lady was well worth the visit and I left with a very memorable experience! I had contacted Vanessa a week in advance, replies were proper and immediate. I did contact her during the week as I had some questions about services I was interested in and got the answers I was looking for. 

The day came, we communicated and the address was given as were instructions for when I got there, pretty easy. When we met at the door, I was impressed immediately! We had a hug and hello then made our way to her room. The place is very nice, bright and clean! We had a nice hug and kiss, then she got the shower going for me, had a clean towel ready and offered me something to drink. 

After my shower, I came out to her room where she was standing in a sexy black lingerie item, that got me going right there! She has a super huge set of tits, I had a great time with those! We played with each other and explored each other for awhile, she loves to kiss.....man does she like to kiss!! We made our way to the bed and went to town on each other. I loved how her hands were all over me, and how she looked at me during the session. Her bj skills are amazing as are some other skills, I was so into her and this session that I was rock hard for almost the whole session, and I dont use pills to do this!" 

BoldFlav - Caf member (July 2018)

“A couple days ago, I got in touch with Vanessa Jolie after I found her ad on LL. She asked for a reference, I gave her one, once that was sorted out we arranged a time to meet.

A couple days ago, I got in touch with Vanessa Jolie after I found her ad on LL. She asked for a reference, I gave her one, once that was sorted out we arranged a time to meet. 

Vanessa is spectacular and I can't recommend her enough. I asked her to play out a fantasy with me, wherein she roleplayed a pop star I have a thing for. She did that eagerly, and I believe that she's much sexier than the genuine article. Vanessa met me at the door of her clean, discreet incall in a tiny one-piece and heels. She is indeed the girl depicted in her photos, and they don't do her appearance justice at all. She ran a shower for me and, once I was out, did a little dance for me. We made out on the couch like high school kids and laughed and talked and held each other before we went to bed. 
Vanessa is an intuitive, empathic and kind lover. She takes direction well and she made my body feel completely incredible. If you are on the fence about seeing her, text her now, I believe she's here until the fifteenth. Treat her kindly, boys, she is as good as they come.

Darksyd - Caf member (July 2018)

"Let me be short and sweet: beauty, sensuality, sexuality, kissabilty and the so french accent are second to none. She is definitely in a class of her own."

Julio_Iglesias - Perb member  (February 2018)
''I recently saw Vanessa after having some troubles getting our schedules to align but let me tell you it was worth the wait! She's here visiting from Montreal and travels around a fair bit but often comes Vancouver so if you miss your chance this time around, make sure you see her next time she's in town. From the moment she opened the door, I was smitten. She's very polite, soft spoken and was wearing the gold suit and heels as per my request. She offered me a glass of water and got the shower ready for me. After a quick rinse, we chatted a bit and sat on my lap and began kissing me. I decided to pay the girls a bit of attention and let met tell you they're real and they're spectacular! You ever have your junior get a little shy because the girl you're with is so hot? Well that's what happened with me, but she was patient and soon enough it was all systems go. She's very responsive and aims to please. After exchanging oral favours, we started off in missionary then went back and forth between daty and missionary. She made sure I finished and we chatted a bit set up another shower for me as I was drenched in sweat. I believe she's here until mid month so catch her while you can and her pictures a accurate with no surprises."

Dipsett - Perb member (July 2018) 
"I recommend Vanessa Jolie if you are interested in blondes, looks to be about in her early 20's, she check marks on everything including service & attitude"

TheGladiator1331 - Perb member (March 2018)

“The girl I met was stunning, bubbly and very easy to get along with.
Her service was on point and she surpassed my expectations and that is why I went to see her a second time.
She is very soft spoken and want to make sure you are enjoying the session.
I am looking forward to see her again.”

Fong - Caf meber (July 2018)
"Vanessa Jolie is very friendly and delivered good service. Body is nice and she is in her early 20s.
Blonde, and very nice figure, big natural DDD"

Jeffjm - Caf member (July 2018)

"Had a great 90 min GFE session with Vanessa Jolie. Very sweet girl - look forward to her coming back to Calgary."

Goldstream - Caf member (October 2018)
Have a date with this lovely lady and it's awesome. She is real GFE. Had a blast and can't wait to see her again. Treat her well guys and you will have an awesome experience. Enjoy your remaining days Vanessa. Cheers

Energiz3d - Caf member (July 2018)
I haven't seen a CAF review on Vanessa yet besides the other forums she is on. I thought I would leave this here for anyone who has been hesitating to see her. All natural girl from top to the bottom. Beautiful boobs with an ass to match. Vanessa is very responsive from answering your texts to the greeting at the door. She was dressed in that red body suit like in her ad and it really shows all her curves and how delicious everything is going to be. You can sense from her attitude and the way she presents herself, she really has one goal in mind and that is to please you. She's really into it. She's from Montreal, and now residing in Vancouver. This is her first visit to Calgary, and I hope she comes back. Thank you for the good time Vanessa.

Justwannahavefun - Perb member  (August 2018)
After reading a bit about her, she was on my radar. Fate had its way this week when some plans fell through for me. I was checking perb and LL to see if there was anyone worth seeing and voila! She had just posted saying she was available. A few back and forth messages later and the time was set. There have been some talk on here about here possibly being BBW. Not at all, she is certainly not a spinner, but not BBW either. Her pics are accurate. I had a very good time with her and will repeat. She was non stop trying to please me. I had to stop her a couple of times as junior was getting close way too soon and second shots rarely happen for me anymore. She has the sexiest french accent and an awesome set of tatas. My only regret was that we were out of time when she bent over to run the shower for me!